Saturday, 19 April 2014

DIY - Easter Boutonnières

Easter is an important celebration in my family. We get together often over the Easter period and celebrate together.
(Once I get round to it I will put up a post on our Good Friday walk)

This year, I decided to be crafty and make boutonnières for everyone to wear tomorrow for Easter Sunday.  

Now this involved a trip to Hobby Craft - one of my favourite places to go to. As per usual I bought much more than I needed and splurged on things I wasn't event thinking of getting. I also picked up some Washi tape from The Works. 
And then I needed some flowers, I decided to use Carnations (mainly because they were the only nice looking flowers in the Grocery when we were picking up lamb for dinner tomorrow.

So here we go, my DIY Boutonniere:

First thing first, I cut the blooms I liked off the stalk leaving a couple of inches of stem attached. 

I had three varieties of carnation in my bouquet so I decided to use all three.

I also wanted some greenery to go with my carnations, so I just trimmed some off one of our shrubs.

As you can see, I made quite a few boutonnieres, however, Im sure it would be just as easy to just make one

 Then I arranged the stalks as I wanted them to look and bound the stems loosely with Cling Film. I then went over  it tightly with cling film to create a nice secure hold.


 Once this was ready, I used my green Washi tape to go over the cling film. 
 (Im sure you could use duct tape or florists tape for this as well.)

Now for some finishing touches, I was originally going to use the plain linen in the pictures to use as binding but in the end I opted for a simple bow with double stranded thin ribbon.

And there you have it, my Easter boutonnieres ready for tomorrow.

Let me know what you think? Are there any craft projects you are doing over the Easter Period?




  1. Oooh these look so good! I used to work in the wedding industry so know how much people can charge for these! You've got a lovely creative touch :) x

  2. wow that looks super cute love these flowers! happy easter xx

  3. Oh my goodness that are the cutest little things! Love them x xo