Saturday, 6 September 2014

Baby Week

My return to blogging has been slower than I anticipated. So, I decided I would tell you guys about my week and see how it goes.

I have returned to studying again after my 4 week summer break. I am currently on a module called 'Families & Children' which is basically made up of two halve: Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics. I am currently on the Obs&Gynae module at NMGH.

Last week I was on 'Labour Week', a week dedicated to shadowing midwives and learning how to help women deliver their baby. Despite having to wake up at 5am every day in order to commute to the hospital for 7am (I HATE early mornings with a passion), I ADORED my labour week.

Seeing as I am the second youngest member of my extended family (my brother being 2 years younger than I). I haven't had much in the way of experience with pregnant ladies and labour. But I have discovered that what our bodies can do in order to create new life is truly magical. 

I don't think I will ever get over the excitement of feeling baby kick through their mums tummy for the first time. Or hearing baby's heart beat through the monitor. 

Seeing women going through labour was scary at times (especially with the high risk ladies), but it was amazing seeing how our bodies know exactly what to do and even after all the screaming and shouting, there is absolutely nothing more special or amazing as the look on the mum's face as she sees the life she carried for 9 months for the first time.

Most of my time was spent on the labour ward, helping to look after high risk women, but on friday I spent the day in the midwife led birthing centre which was BEAUTIFUL. It was so relaxing - even being a staff in this environment. The rooms were homely, with plenty of mobility apparatus, including balls, rocking chairs, swings and a birthing pool. They were decorated beautiful with gorgeous little touched purchased by the midwives. If I have the choice later in life, I would adore to deliver in a similar environment.

My last week has been so rewarding. There is nothing better then helping the women though a stressful time to produce something wonderful and spending time with the new (or new again) parents is amazing. Also being able to cuddle the baby you helped bring into this world is breathtaking. I can see why midwives adore their job.

Needless to say, this placement has made me EXCEEDINGLY broody, but it has been a beautiful experience and I wouldn't trade it away for anything in the world.



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